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In collaboration with Edhv

Etropolis has the ambition to become a platform where all creativity of Eindhoven and surroundings is laid out. It has no other goal than linking talented people and creating opportunities. Made by creative people, for creative people. “All creative people know that
it can be very inspiring to share ideas with others who are creative in fields that slightly differ from their own.” The idea is to create a network online were people can show there works and can get in touch easily. To support the creative platform in general and the website in particular, a physical magazine is desirable. The idea is to publish a monthly magazine that reports about things that happen inside the network. I was asked to design and think about the concept for the first issue as well as the design for the website. Together with Wendy Plomp I also organized the activities regarding the Etropolis project during the Dutch Design Week. There were twenty five plus creatives that worked on this first edition. They created the content based on the general theme of “creative networks”. It was a great week together with friends and meeting new people. The magazine is now available in a limited edition (500 copies). Special silkscreen printed covers and all unique.